Need to train your team on the new season’s collection? 

City-wise route training on the new season’s collection. Let’s see how LearnBee can help.

Your new product lineup is out. You’ve planned your multi-city, in-person training schedule. You’ll be addressing retail store employees in these cities and showcasing your new products, their benefits, and their target customers.

How do you keep them engaged through these sessions? How do you make them feel involved in the process of selling your new lineup to the market?

Here are things that make in-person training interesting:

  • A micro-contest to liven things up

  • An assessment to gauge knowledge absorption

  • A quick feedback capture to understand their views and share them with the corporate

Here’s how LearnBee can help:

  • You’ll need to create a topic with timed questions and media files on LearnBee (here’s how) . You can use this to run a quiz contest.

  • Begin a live learning session for this topic (here’s a video guide) . Using the live learning feature in LearnBee would mean you control the pace of the session. When you move to the next question, so does the learner.

  • The live leaderboard feature of the platform updates instantly. Use the leaderboard to engage your team.

This is what a live learning session would look like

Pro tip: Conducting 2 contests in an hour-long session will help you maintain energy levels and in turn, help the learners focus.

Short assessments

  • Weaving short assessments in between your training sessions will help you understand the effectiveness of your session. We’ve seen trainers repeat topics to increase understanding.

  • Assessments are topics with questions that could be timed or untimed.
  • If you’d like, you could run an assessment after every training topic completion. That way you’ll be able to run a quick QnA session to clarify any doubts that your team may have.

Feedback and polls

  • Polls and subjective feedback are great ways to make your team feel included.
  • You can add polls as part of topics and run them in between your sessions.
  • The live trends can show poll results in real-time.
  • Feedback: Add text-based questions to capture real-time feedback. Excel exports (Here’s how you can export results) give you detailed answers by users.

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