LearnBee for a corporate trainer.

As a corporate trainer, you might face many problems that may affect your training.

1. You might face low learner engagement during sessions
2. Conducting instant assessments or polls
3. Making your training stick

Even with an excellent training module, these issues can impact your training sessions negatively.

We’ve got just the tool for you.

LearnBee. Live Quiz. Quick Learning.

1 Better learning engagement

For better learner engagement.

Run live quizzes with live leaderboards and polls.

2 Create courses quickly for effective learning

Create courses quickly for effective learning

Create your own courses by adding videos, assessments

3 Easy performance reports

Easy performance reports

Instant score exports. Detailed Excel downloads.

4 No lengthy onboarding process

No lengthy onboarding process

Invite with a session link

5 Super accessible

Super accessible

iOS, Android, PC

Get started in minutes.

We want you to get started in minutes and therefore have given you options to login using 

6 OTP-based login

OTP-based login

7 Google and Facebook based login

Google-based and facebook-based login

Create your LearnBee account now

Create a live quiz to engage your learners. In person or online.

In LearnBee’s live quizzes, you get to control the pace of the session. You get to choose the questions that appear and when. You even get to choose when the leaderboard should appear. 

8 Quiz master_trainer controlled

Quiz master/trainer controlled

9 Flexible time and scoring settings

Flexible time and scoring settings

10 Instant leaderboards

Instant leaderboards

11 Instant answering patterns

Instant answering patterns

Create your first live quiz session

Create a microlearning course. To make learning stick.

Supplement your in-person training or online training with micro courses that learners can consume at their own pace. You can even add questions and polls to assess your audience. 

12 Add multiple file types

Add multiple file types

13 Create your own course structure

Create your own course structure

14 Add polls and quizzes to test knowledge

Add polls and quizzes to test knowledge

Create your first live microlearning course

So, you’ve seen a host of ways in which LearnBee can help you empower your teams. It is super easy to use and get started with. So, what are you waiting for? Create your LearnBee account today and explore the world of learning and training that awaits.